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The questions you bring to spiritual direction, guide our experience of the Divine moving in your life.  YOU are the interpreter of your life, of your spiritual experience for you are so unique that only you can unveil your experience. Together we will ask “Where have you met the Sacred this week?” I will hold the Sacred light for you, to help you see within.

Who do you want to be in this world? What are the questions rising from your day to day existence?

If you want to play guitar, you have to first buy one and take lessons. If you want to be your vibrant, full, growing, wise, mature self, then you begin to talk, listening to yourself with earbuds of love and begin to be heard. Yes, this is what we do in Spiritual Direction. We look at where you’ve been and where you want to go…who you want to become...and I walk alongside you like a sherpa, a personal assistant, a wise mother, a listening friend. We look for the flashes of the Sacred, which is all around us like air.

About Hapax Spiritual Direction: Deep & Sacred Listening

The quick version: Space is created for deep listening. I deeply listen to you. You deeply listen to yourself. We both deeply listen to the Divine Spark within. You can call this spiritual direction, spiritual companioning, or spiritual-coaching…whatever you need to enter into the space.

Who is this for?

Anyone who is feeling the call toward a deep connection with the Divine, in our everyday living. Seeking not so much the sentimental and shallow, but rather the profound and life-changing.

  • the age-ing/sage-ing
  • the young and becoming
  • the ones in the middle and wanting to craft a living of meaning
  • those who can taste who it is they are born to be and want help making it real
  • those who want to create a practice of awareness for themselves
  • those who do not know, but wonder
  • those afraid to ask the big questions of life, alone.

Spiritual Direction is for the one who wants to live deliberately in the world from a point of the Sacred, and a place of soul authenticity. We can work with character, integrity, authentic self expression….in other words, who you have been created to be.

What do YOU bring to Spiritual Direction?

YOU bring your questions, your stories, your doubts, your goals, your hopes and dreams. You bring your self. You bring your everyday happenings.

Your spirit has been created to be a unique presence in this world. It will take your knowing of yourself to interpret your purpose in this world, to be known as the Sacred One knows you. I help give direction to that. We partake of spiritual direction in order to know and translate Sacred movement in our life ….and to know it accurately. Together we will create space to speak truth and questions, doubts and desires. I will listen and when it is appropriate will help you find possibilities for patterns for growth. Together we will explore, but You alone are the interpreter of the words written upon your heart and soul by the Creator of Life. You are the one who must choose and live.

Why do Spiritual Direction with Amy?

A word from Hapax:

Amy follows ethics of spiritual direction as outlined but not limited to the code of ethics in the Spiritual Directors International, which you can read here.

We will discuss payment either before our first session or at the end. It is expected that payment will be made after the session in cash, check, or via paypal invoice. $40 is the stated rate, $15 for seminary students. Amy wants you to know what you are able to pay and commit to this.


A word from Amy:

Our lives are not always paced to provide space for reflection and growth. In spiritual direction, I will offer that creation of space where you guide the conversation and topic considerations. Your participation is to enter the space with trust that something Sacred is happening within you, and through talking and listening you will begin to touch on this and move more deeply into your faith and unique personhood. MY FOCUS is to help you claim your voice in this world. Your soul’s voice, your very own creation as a spiritual being. My participation is to provide a centered presence who listens, notices patterns, redirects negative comments and story telling, helps to bring out your inner light. Together our work, and it is work, is to seek something greater, like an alchemical mix of heart/mind/body/soul that can launch or nudge us forward in our development as human beings on this earth in this lifetime.

Amy S Gall Ritchie, Spiritual Director/Soul Seer

  • Life long experience in loving, Christian congregations
  • Member of the Church of the Brethren since 1970
  • Ordained Clergy in the Church of the Brethren since 1993
  • BS Manchester College, Psychology 1986
  • MDiv Bethany Theological Seminary, 1993
  • DMin Columbia Theological Seminary, 2012
  • Founder, Hapax Spiritual Direction, 2012
  • Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner, 2014
  • Pastoral ministry, 1991-2003, Florence Church of the Brethren~Mennonite, Michigan
  • Director of Student Development, 2003-current, Bethany Theological Seminary
  • Spiritual Director, Spiritual Formation Groups at Bethany Theological Seminary 2009-current
  • Authored “Thirsting for God: a Lenten devotional” in 2010. 47 daily devotionals for the Lenten season
  • Preacher and liturgy writer
  • past Spiritual Director for The Garden Church Board
  • Has received spiritual direction since 1997
  • Member of Spiritual Directors International


Intrigued? Read on for the (jaw dropping) good stuff….

If you are itching to go deeper into cosmic territory, to explore your soul’s wonder and origination, and to create a life built on patterns for growth rather than patterns from old baggage…then we can discuss a more robust, soul level, conscious way forward. It comes with a higher price tag and expansive…explosive….results. Go to my Soul ReAlignment page for more information.