On Sunday mornings, I have found new reason not to sleep in till the last minute I need to get to church on time.


Sunday mornings, I find myself @ (hence the spelling, clever…eh?) Starbucks reading a book, communicating with friends, eavesdropping on conversations nearby. It can be the most important time of my week. Stepping outside of my usual pals and places to join in with strangers who are different yet so much the same as me. You see, I work in a seminary and attend church with many of those same people. All week long, I am thinking, doing, being the church then on Sunday morning it continues largely with the same crowd. It’s a wonderful crowd, and I love delving into the rich goo of religion!

But goodness, I need to bring my head up and breath in the air that so many people are breathing, or I will become redundant.

The air of a secular culture: platform shoes, latest tech, new stores, orange accesories
The air of social gatherings: with friends, with the sunday paper, with the baristas, with oneself
The air of life concerns: jobs, housing market, coworkers, relationships
The air of coffee aroma: it is Starbucks
The air of life, buzzingly lived by people I don’t know and can’t predict.

So, thanks Starbucks crowd, for opening my eyes to a wider reality each week. To you I offer this prayer:

O Spirit of Life,
Awakening us with warm mugs between two hands,
Quick glances around the space to see
Languid conversations with partners and friends
Smiles and good humor offered to those we do not know.

Indulge us with chocolate and the taste of compassion
Renew us with scones and the nourishment of listening
Quiet us with good music that all ears share in a million different ways
Fill us with life.

In the name of the one who was always at table with somebody new, Amen.