Bossing the Process

Intention, vibration, higher self, higher good, abundance…..

These words swirl around us in this time, used from depth and from surface, easily written off as hopeful but fluffy…..

What are they replacing?

Happenstance, stagnation, mediocrity, narcissism, lack.

Which group do you WANT to live out of?

Which group do you feel you deserve to live out of?

If you are religious, then which group of words do you believe God wants for your life?

If you are spiritual, which group are you striving for with your entourage of spiritual accompaniment?

Which do you deserve?

These are your questions for the week. If you come back to fear or shame or a sense of worthlessness that you cannot claim the first group of words, well….let’s talk. Because this is the real you, your real life.

Wayne Dyer talks about our amazement if we could see the Source of Intention that accompanies us at all times. He challenges us to be attentive to our connection: is it corroded? Is it broken? Is it shiny? Is it vibrant as if new?

I look at my connection with the Source of Intention (you can call this God if you’d like), and see that sometimes it is brightly polished and other times flaky with neglect. Here are a few things I do to scrub the corrosion off to awaken the foundational brilliance:

pray (thanks to the Divine)

meditate (thanks to the morning)

qi gong (thanks to my teacher Bryan)

go for a bike ride (thanks to my husband Kurt)

sing the beautiful hymns of faith in 4 part harmony (thanks to my faith community)

smile (thanks to my guru Stephen)


For me, the corrosion just falls away in relation to another: God, friends, earth, love. I think this is how it is meant to be. If you are an introvert, your relating doesn’t have to be in hords, but in a hand. If you are an extrovert, your relating can be in the quiet stillness as well as in the tumult of people. Where do you feel your energy shift and flow, move and gyrate?

Go there! Do that! Knock the rusty nasty obstacles off your connection…..and live. Intend for your life to be who you were created to be and let go of the sense that you are stuck in a life you didn’t choose. First of all….sorry but… did choose it. Knowingly or unknowingly…..and you can choose to be out of it. Love yourself enough to flick the flakes off your spiritual umbilical.

Ah, Amy is bossy this morning.

I am. For YOU. YOU deserve someone to be bossy on your behalf if you do not feel like you deserve the first group of words that open up LIFE! I will boss the process until you wake up, get up, laugh it up, and do it for yourself. That is my aim. And I believe you are capable of it.

I believe you are capable of Intention, vibration, higher self, higher good, abundance…..



Tapping into a new day

For some, Tapping (or Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT) is new. Kurt and I have been tapping for a number of years. It is a way to tap the energy meridians (grounded in acupuncture theory) to release old emotions that hold you back.

Nick Ortner has brought EFT into a new century, and makes it highly accessible. Here is a podcast to listen to that can help to free you up for goodness that is waiting for you to clear space. You’ll find the podcast within the article. The podcast was originally made for New Years 2012, but is pertinent any time you are ready for a fresh beginning.

The tapping points are as follows:

  • the side of the hand which is fleshy, this is your set point and you’ll speak your statement three times while tapping this point
  • inside the eyebrow
  • outside of the eye crease
  • under the eye
  • under the nose
  • the dip of the chin between lips and the end of the chin
  • the collarbone, using 4 fingers
  • your side, reachable with your hand about 4 inches from the arm pit…you’ll find a sensitive spot
  • the top of your head

You tap each spot 5-7 times or more. See the image below of the Tapping Solution logo. The stars are the points you’ll use. The only points not visible are the side points. You can tap on either side of the body, or both, it does not matter.

For the exercise Jess Ortner will lead you through on the link above, you won’t be using the set point. As she guides you through a series of “What if…” statements, you’ll tap on a different point, beginning with the inside of the eyebrow, moving on to the outside of the eye crease, and so on.

Find a comfy place to do this, where you won’t be self conscious of others coming by. Allow yourself to relax into the method. It is quite easy.

I hope you enjoy this 15 minutes of energizing your meridian points with dreaming and possibility!

If you would like to learn more about releasing fears, phobias, emotional blocks using Tapping, I would love to help you. Tapping does not get rid of the situation, but it helps to free us from our limiting beliefs and emotions. When those are reduced, we are stronger to do what needs to get done.




For all the wrong

For all the wrong, I pray in silence









&*#%……………(weeping, gnashing of teeth)





For all the wrong, I pray in silence, that I may act.

O Source of Life, hear this prayer. Amen.

Slammin’ our Worth

Let’s start with blame.

Blame the mama who couldn’t hold us close. Blame the father who ruled with a belt. Blame the culture that said boys had to be tough and girls had to be pretty. Blame the church for teaching us that Jesus only seeks the sinner. Blame our destroyed self worth on anyone else. everyone else.

It is a process.

A process of revealing, of seeing, of believing, of recognizing that our worth is stuck to us like skin like vessels like something that is never going away because it is not. It is not. Our worth is never destroyed.

Oh really?

Oh really. Never destroyed. It is buried, layered, ignored, disrespected, invisible, disbelieved, flipped upside down but it is never destroyed. Our worth is never destroyed but covered by stinking rotting garbage left at the side of our home our being our self worth until we believe that the garbage belongs and the green grass does not.

It is a process.

A process of revealing, of seeing, of believing, of recognizing that YOU ARE WHOLE. That YOU matter. That you are beautiful, worthy, loved, found, uncovered, seen, held, known. You are known and worth knowing.

Those things that happened? Those words lobbed at you? Those misteachings that said you were not smart enough nice enough sorry enough strong enough quiet enough pure enough perfect enough…….yes they happened. But they are not you.

Those things that happened? Those words whispered to you? Those hushed tones that said your body should not know pleasure, that your gender was second class, that your love shouldn’t be like that, that you shouldn’t sing too loud or you’ll stand out, that you didn’t get birthday celebrations because it would be a sin for you to feel too special….that really happened, but they are not you.

Stupid whispers whispered by generations of whisperers who never knew they had worth.

You have worth. You are worth. You breath you talk you think you love you wear crazy clothes you are sickly you are a B student (or a C or a D student) you are always missing the important detail, you laugh too loud, you sing off key, you believe that God is love and focusing on sin is ridiculous……you ARE worth, you HAVE worth. Because you are.

It is that simple. Like waking up one day and throwing off the clods of dirt piled over you, layers of quilts suffocating you, collections of words fall at your feet scattering their letters into a puzzle just yearning to make new words.

Words that will stick. Words that will heal. Words that will reveal believe see recognize that because you ARE  you are worth the whole world.

This is the Sacred moving and breathing and undressing you from the worn gray garments of the Worthless Prison, painting your skin with sloppy acrylics in periwinkle cerulean, tangerine, lime colors that glow in the dark so that you can always see them. That jumble of whispered freakish words turned into Love Joy Respect Truth Real. Because we are many things and growing things and things to slough off and things to wave our flag at wave our fists at proclaim at the top of our lungs and into the deepest reaches of our very souls.

Worth that sticks. Worth that heals. Worth that will reveal believe see recognize that because you ARE you are worth the whole world.

This is the real you.