Woolen Warm #2

Be not afraid.

Slip your world worn heart into your courage

Like slipping your weather chapped hands into woolen warm mitts

Be not afraid, for there are good tidings.

Peace on earth,


Woolen Warm #1

I hope the day

woolen warm

a hot cup of God, wrapped by weathered raw hands that have been out in the world.


I hope the day

silent as night

cosmos guiding blazing truth and something glistening pure


I hope the day

woodsmoke scents

cords of promise piled at open hearts, gathering gathering gathering in


I hope the day

succulent Spirit

anointing slips upon the sweet baby’s head bringing peace with each gulp of life


I hope the day



(This writing was inspired by the two phrases “I hope the day” and “hot cup of God” which originated with amybot and emmabot on facebook)

photo credit: amysgr, my holiday door at the seminary, with woolen mitts knitted by Monica Rice