“Finding my voice” (eye roll)

For months and months I have been pondering my own spiritual growth and the finding of my voice.


I hate to even use that phrase because everyone these days seems to be “finding their voice”, as though once it is found all answers will be revealed, new truths will be uttered, songs will be sung, and the blessed and broken world will be more like a shining sun.

And then, a dear friend wrote the blog post that I had been cultivating in my head. You can read Keller’s words yourself.

Dang it. It has been said. And said so well. I love the way Keller writes. With VIM that requires grasping the nearest palm tree as you are blown away.

So what is left to say?

Ah….it has taken WEEKS (note that her post was on January 9, 2014) for me to realize my realization.

So simple, really.

We are all finding our voice.

Because for so long we’ve been told who to be, what to think, how to be Unique within a certain parameter of acceptability……That is the Modern Era. A long time of human cultivation of a few voices speaking for the many

with presumption

with stereotypes

with paternalistic condescension that “they” know better than I do. The colonial, modern, patriarchal, power voiced story teller has told us that our story is only the one THEY are telling.

Those days are over. It is the day of the voice. Yours, mine, Keller’s……voices that say “Hey, I’ve been thinking that God can be known as Goddess….who told us she couldn’t”….voices that say “I’m transgender and you don’t have to understand that to respect me”….voices that say “You are a gift to me” even when the relationship will never be realized……voices that say “I am a man and I really do like doing stereotypical manly things”….voices that don’t just tell little girls they can be astronauts TOO but that all children can be what the seed inside of them is calling them to be.

How can the fullness of the planet be realized unless everyone finds their voice? Speaking, painting, writing, dancing, caring, supporting,……however your voice needs to be made manifest.

Your experience on this planet, in this body, is YOUR EXPERIENCE and your voice needs to be heard so that I can learn from you. So that another who is feeling their voice but not living their voice has an example.

There cannot be enough writing on finding your voice. I think there can be too much writing that presumes the writer is the only one with a voice to find….but we are all new at this!

So we are new at this! Sing out! Try it on! We will all get better at Speaking with our own Voice, our own story….as we go along.

My voice might sound like your voice from time to time, reverberating with strains of hope and discovery, laughter and sorrow.

At any rate, no more eye rolling. Find. Your. Voice.

I’m waiting to hear you.