I was chatting with my spiritual director today. 50 minutes of pure amazement.


In that 50 minutes, I discovered:

  • That I care about events that are unfolding, but mostly about the people who are unfolding along with it
  • That I’ve worked hard to be at a place where I can experience my humanity fully (cranky, opinionated, bossy, all knowing) and then upend the cart to see how others are feeling
  • That God, the Sacred Wonder, is breathing all around.


That was a good 50 minutes.


We enter fully into our lives in one way or another. Sometimes our sight is so keen it is like snorkeling off the perfect beach in the perfect aqua waters of Flamenco Beach on the Puerto Rican isla of Culebra. Put your head under and into and everything comes alive in colors and life so vibrant.


Sometimes our sight is smoggy and we huddle inside.

But we do engage.


Today, I began my spiritual direction session with Emma by praying a prayer by Anne Lamott. It goes like this: “HELP” “HELP” “helphelphelphelphelp”.


It was a very effective prayer. And the answer was immediately clear in the 50 minutes of our time together. Coral, not smog.


It is love that opens my eyes. It is the leading of my heart that opens my eyes. It is hearing a whispered voice in the middle of the night, accompanied by a blue sounding bell, saying “It is not your knowing that needs knowing” that awakens me.

In the awakening, the individual soul moves through the fluid floating which is community, and we are all a sudden school of fish. If I go this-a-way when you go that-a-way I will become lost and unprotected. If you go that-a-way without me, you have lost what I bring.

I’ve worked hard to grow, and grow some more. I’ve worked earnestly to let go of outcome in order to see what rises in the process. And now, I swim with others that they too may move beyond themselves, creating a whole, leading or following, creating a new path for their soul’s journey.


My responsibility is not to make anyone do anything. My responsibility is to be true to who I’ve been created to be and what I’ve been created to express, so that others may do the same.


My soul is anticipating the joy of knowing your knowing.





All images are obtained from google images. They originated from some photographer’s camera and artistic eye, not my own. I am grateful. I’ve snorkled Flamenco Beach, for real. You can too.