movement of the Spirit

I have probably been here too long.

But the juices have been flowing and zinging and zapping all over the place.

  • cleaned the ktichen
  • started my laundry
  • paid bills
  • put 2013 tax paperwork away
  • showered and put on purple

and as I walked out the door to head to Starbucks, the local Lutheran Bells were chiming 9:00am. ONLY 9:00AM!!!


That is more than I usually get done on a Sunday.

And that was BEFORE starbucks/early church.

Fueled by a venti mocha and a delish sausage croissant……a wedding ceremony was completed….ministry was received…..a dream was analyzed……a son arrived……a friend stopped by…….moved on to a SanPellegrino Pompelmo……

and I am abuzz with life.

Why is it that some days are a flurry of joyful creativity, and other days are a schloggingly slow trudge through mud? I don’t know. Well, I do know….but I don’t know why.

There are astrological conditions, personal conditions, personal choices, other people’s choices that we bump into. And then some days it all lifts, like a feather alight on the pure air…..

…and we feel young, and free, and giddy. We might play with the child standing in line with their parent, we might laugh out loud, we might dance with abandon.

Oh, the Spirit, she moves. She undulates and waves and swirls and settles in. Thanks be. Sophia scoots into the seat next to us at the diner and says “order the chocolate shake, it is scrumptious” and then leans in and says “you are a child of God, and the Holy delights in you.” And with a poof she’s gone. Moved on to the next lucky soul who needs to feel her breath in their ear, to know the warmth of her presence, the buzz of her being.

These are the times to grasp hold of, because they are real. They will carry us through the more tiresome times, like closing our eyes and imagining that vacation spot where we remembered who we really are.

The triskelion in celtic tradition is a symbol of the triple… Christianity we know this as Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Franciscan priest Richard Rohr reminds us that the trinity is about flow and flexibility of God’s presence in our lives…..molding and shifting as the moment calls forth holy interaction and incarnation.

The Holy Spirit carries the important female balance to the tradition. She is the wisdom of Proverbs 8, the presence through which God created all of creation. Nothing was created except through Woman Wisdom. The wondrous balance of masculine/feminine.

Today, I am abuzz with the holy coming in the form of a series of life giving, anxiety quelling texts from Rev. Anna of the Garden Church. I am grateful for ministry that flows to me in my vulnerability and fear…..ministry that slips in next to me to whisper “You are Rev. Dr. Amy, and have something to offer the person next to you. Fear not.” Ministry that comes from women with a clergy collar and red heels on. I am grateful.

Bring on life,


Holy Sister of creation

Holy Mother of delight

Holy Grandmother of the tale

Bring your lap and spinning, your crinkled eyelid and dishwater pruned hands.

Bring your vivacious revelation

your collar of spiritual authority, your red heels of flaunted feminine presence

in pulpit, text, & heart.



To your Joy!



Today’s blog is written with deep gratitude to Rev. Anna Woofenden of The Garden Church,

Anna Woofenden


and in celebration of the first Sunday for Rev. Dr. Amy Butler at The Riverside Church in the City of New York.

   the calling ceremony, red shoes!!


images are my own, from Anna and Amy’s facebook pages, and from google…originating from others.