Today the side of my nose bled after a too-close swipe of a hangnail. Thought it was an itch. It turned out to be an ever flowing river of life.

The barista expertly filled my for-here mug, adding an abundance of whipped cream that then flowed over the side. The first minutes with my Sunday treat was spent cleaning up & slurping fast, instead of a  slow eyes closed entry into coffee/chocolate/creamy decadence.

Over the weekend, we had our board meetings. Good people. Good business. Good news. But a crap load of anxiousness for a presentation to be given.

I’m not really complaining. I had a lovely angora wool mitten to take care of the flow.

I was able to finally sit and enjoy the mocha as it was meant to be enjoyed.

The presentation was preceded with words of encouragement and followed by smiles and warmest of comments.

Abundance is tricky.

We seek it, manifest it, long for it, believe that if we just had it our lives would be changed.

But goodness, we surely do need to be specific about what abundance we are seeking.

And goodness, we surely do need to know why we are seeking more than our share.

Back to my nose: Really, a bit of blood to deal with as I drove like a drunken maniac in my lane would have been fine, but did there need to be so much that a lovely pair of soft as a whisper mittens are now stained? (not ruined, I will continue to wear them after all removal treatments have been employed)

Was the need-for-cleaning abundance of mocha better than a perfectly filled cup? I didn’t get to actually drink or enjoy the “extra”.

Did I have to give myself 3 weeks of anxious worry over a presentation? Why not 3 weeks of confident creativity? The end product would have been the same, but with more sleep.



The Good Life.


Enough is a gorgeous word. A gorgeous aspiration for life. Not enough as in “No, no…I don’t need anymore” but as in ‘No, really, I’ve got plenty and am full and satisfied, and it feels just perfect.”

The accidental harm that is easily staunched.

The mug that comes with perfect care to the brim.

The worry that is quashed with a playful prezi.

A bank account that holds all the money needed for a fine and good life.

Sharing a meal.

Sharing a ride.

Welcoming in the stranger.

A visual high five.

A life well lived.

Somehow, when we experience enough, the inflow, the overflow, the well flow swirls all we need around our feet and in our souls and we have enough to take life’s not-enoughs, life’s short-circumstances, life’s cramped quarters.

Enough overflows with the Sacred blooming satisfaction of handling it, coming through, pushing on.

And when the over abundance of negative, disappointment, dreams unmet life settles into the muck that covers our shoes and sinks our steps in its goo….and the woe is staunched….


We can sip from the brim of done and say “I made it.”



O, Holy Outpouring,

You are the abundance we seek. You are the love that never ends.

You provide enough and more

enough and then some

enough and all

May we be the brim overflowing

the river of unexpected provision

the worry turned to joy

for the person sitting next to us.



To your Enough!



(all images from google.com images, originating at other websites, from other people’s lives)

Oh, one more! This link is to one of my favorite time lapse videos….about fungus/mushrooms rising out of the compost and humus of the forest floor…….what I had in mind with one of the above metaphors……patience…..growth….new from the old….you get the picture. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDkR2HIlEbc