An aching world







where you live

Change can happen.

There must (!) be a weaving of action on the

physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes of our existence.

It is not enough to just pray, it is not enough to just have compassion, it is not enough to know the politics behind a thing, it is not enough to protest…if we do so thinking that one thing can cover it all.

Change can happen…by bringing all the parts together….and some will bring all the parts together within their own selves…..the community  is stronger as it acts as a whole. Add your piece….that prayer, that compassion, that knowing, that action…..

(so bring out the banner carriers, the prophets, the mystics, the wisdom sharers, the marchers, the ones who feel the ache of the world in their own bones)

….we trust that another is taking a different step, alongside our steps…..

…all to be tumbled together into a new reality.

This I believe.


(and now I am off to find what is mine to do)




Walking the trails of Shawnee Prairie Preserve.

Land that had been part of the Shawnee nation until a treaty

Took it away.

But the leaf littered, mud sucking pathways were only full of


….peace and lots of hoof prints.



The trails loop, around and forth, connecting to take you further out

Or brought back home.

Smooth going until spring rains

Create obstacles.

Three pronged obstacle. The way we came, the fork to the east, the fork to the west.

Go through? Turn back? Go around? How big is this water obstacle and will we have

Knee high regret when we get into the deep of it?


Keep Walking

That is all we can do. Keep walking.




After the protected inside of winter

It felt good to get outside

And embody the environment.

We came around a large loop to arrive on the

East fork, the otherside.

The only way forward was through the


Through the

chopped grass of yesterday’s season.

Through the

Splashes of mud and puddles

And the surprises of green poking through

Giving hope to the new

Can you see it? (bottom off center left…it is there, for real. trust me)



Not as big as we thought

Coming steady on from the westward leg of the original obstacle

We see it wasn’t as big as we thought.

It wasn’t impassible.

It wasn’t impossible.

We laugh

And go on.

Over bridges, and muddy streams

fully engaged in the creation of it all

The mud.

The thick slick mud on the bottom of my shoes

Sliding along

Until the green grass

Wiped my soles clean

Until a new stand of water

Washed my soles clean

Then new mud.

Now fun.

Now the whole purpose.

Now the delight

Knowing I would make it through.


Is this your life?

You’ll make it.

All you need:

A good pair of shoes

A friend



Trust for the way through

and steps straight into the middle of the mess.