Pesky Neptune

Hello Friends!

The skies are talking to us again. Well, everyday, the fantastic cosmos are in motion… you read this and are rolling your eyes (omg, Amy, astrology again?)…..let your vision follow the eye roll on out into space…..

The cosmos do nothing to us. We are already part of the cosmic dance. There we are…can you see earth? Can you see you? You are stardust and spacial reality. I don’t ever question the nature of planetary impact on our human condition (just as I don’t question gravity, the necessity of the sun, the power of the moon on tides) but I do wonder what the Creator had in mind with the orbits.

And that wondering and unknown makes me just smile.

The orbits are misshapen circles…oblong ellipses, moving slow, fast, eternal….round and round they go, everyone (us included on our ball of earth) dancing around the Sun. As they dance, they square, align, ascend, conjunct, oppose…they move in and out in orbital precision.

Just as metals and minerals have known affects on our human bodies (ok, ask a chemist about this, all I can do is google it) why would the interaction of two large bodies of mineral and gas, feldspar/magnesium/aluminum (Mars), helium/water/hydrogen (Jupiter), iron (earth), NOT produce effects upon the human condition?

Not magical thinking. Spiritual thinking. Kismet thinking. Interlocking Interlinking thinking and feeling. It happens when we meet someone that we fall in love with. Two bodies in orbit, feeling the pull and push, the synchronicity. It happens when we fall into friendship (this is perhaps a more universal experience). It happens.

What is happening now?

Saturn and Neptune.

The last time Neptune was a major player for me was back in 2002. I had talked to a delightful friend of mine who is an astrologer, and she was reading Neptune in my house of home and family. She saw a change of place, illuminated by the other planetary players and there was Neptune. She described the energy of Neptune like watching a movie on a fog bank. Solid enough to impose an image onto, but ephemeral enough to walk right through. We thought it meant we were moving houses. We found out later that we were indeed moving houses, and towns, and states.

Neptune is a big player this time for all of us. As is Saturn. For months to come. Those of you who ignored my writings about Uranis and Pluto, well you will have a harder time with discernment as you create your magnificent life but it won’t be impossible ….(Uranus and Pluto danced in major ways for years to get our closets cleaned out. Those who cleaned their interior closets might still need to dust off a shelf now and then, and those who just closed and locked the door will discover that the lock has broken, the door has fell off the hinge and the stuff we stuffed is tumbling out)… lets pay attention now.

So, Saturn is about getting to work straightening the linens on the bed, polishing our shoes, ironing the wrinkles just so we can now get started on the real work. Lining things up. The equations are written on the board to show how you get from point A to point B to point (X)10. The work is karmic in nature. Discipline and responsibility are the energetic impulses.

Couple this with Neptune. Oh sweet Neptune. Neptune is the archetype of the ocean, the seas, the watery world. It is the archetype of the subconscious. Neptune in astrology brings an energetic impulse of obfuscation, fogbank nebulousness, blurring the lines.

Imagine Saturn coming along and setting everything to rights, orderly, in rows. Sloppy and saucy following behind is Neptune who is erasing the carefully drawn work, puts a flower in the lapel, tips the lined up soldiers hats to a jaunty angle, blurs the borders, erases the leveled boundaries….Disappearing in the sass.

This image is what I want to impress upon us as we continue to create our magnificent lives.

It won’t be easy. We will seek to get it all lined up. We’ll work hard to figure it all out, to find meaning, to make choices….only to have someone say “Have you looked at it from this perspective?” “Have you considered this other job?” “Have you thought about just letting it all go and living day to day?” We won’t know. There won’t be definitive answers. There will be options of varying degrees of rightness. That is how it is. Perfect clarity will be an illusion.

Trial and error will be the theme, try try again will be the mantra. Oh yes, it sounds like unnecessary redundancy¬† and perhaps we should just hunker down, do our jobs, and wait for Jupiter to move into a favorable house…..but thats not how it works. That is what got us into trouble with the stuffed and locked closet door.


Seeking perfect clarity is illusory ambition in these days. The point is within the desire to straighten, and within the blurred lines. The unknown is the point, pushing us to create what has not been created, to think thoughts untended, to find inner resources that have been dormant. What is within you that you’ve not yet tapped into? That is the point of this Saturn/Neptune square.


The cosmos and us are intricately woven. Their movements are for our well being. Our well being is the joy of these non-human-living balls of matter. The joy of the spheres. The singing of the universe. It is all part of a beautiful plan.

I want to be part of that beautiful plan. There is a perfection in allowing it all to work. Just like we simply allow gravity to work without having to believe in it, or to figure out why it is and if it really affects us. It is going to do its work with or without our belief. And we are going to benefit from it.

So, bring your eye roll back where your eyeballs are more comfortable…the view right in front of you. Who is talking to you? Who is changing right before your eyes? What is taking place and what is your role? What have you goofed up out of fear or insecurity? What can now be changed through an apology or determined change of course? What gloriousness can you play in today?

As a person of faith in the Sacred beauty of God, I will claim this to be God’s glory. It is also our glory. Lets all walk together. Lets explore where you are right now, clean out those closets, dust off the top shelves where you’ll find the last little treasures of the life you’ve lived thus far. Let’s open the door of our life and clear space so that new goodness for a new day can enter in.


Psalm 148

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord from the heavens; praise him in the heights!
Praise him, all his angels; praise him, all his host!
Praise him, sun and moon; praise him, all you shining stars!
Praise him, you highest heavens, and you waters above the heavens!
Let them praise the name of the Lord, for he commanded and they were created.
He established them forever and ever; he fixed their bounds, which cannot be passed.

We are co-creators with God, within the very elements that God ordained. Work with it, find your own unexplored stars, enter the dance that is already happening within you.

To your highest good, always.



credits: images from google images, scripture is from the NRSV translation of holy writing that is likely unable to be accurately translated so allow the Spirit of God to guide your understanding. Let me tell you my sources:,, Real people with real wisdom, reading the real stars and not computer printouts.


Because it is 2015

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s new prime minister, responded to a reporter’s question “Why have you created a cabinet that is 50% women?”….”Because its 2015.”

Right on.

My own son gave me this correction when I asked if one can smoke in a local diner that he frequents (I don’t smoke, but am on the looking for hipster places to smoke a pipe). “Ma,” he says, “Its 2015.”

Indeed it is.

And in 2015 culture is still fighting for God to be a male because any feminine references for God are somehow beneath and insulting to the Divine.

In 2015 women are still making their way into the work force with unequal pay for equal work, and are grossly under represented on the Supreme Court, in Congress, in the White House, on faculties, in presidential positions, and in the church clergy.

In 2015 we are still concerned about the primacy of Christianity in America rather than doing/living the gospel.

In 2015 we continue with a modern mindset in a postmodern world that allows for a negative group think of us against them and my group is the best group (school, town, race, gender, nationality, etc)  based on nothing more than because I am in that group.

In 2015, husbands can divorce their wives, retain their higher income, not only get new credit cards but can buy land and new things while a newly divorced wife who has worked in the home as the family manager cannot get credit, even to puny department stores like Kohl’s.

In 2015 the culture still think Jesus is white.

In 2015, guns have more rights than people going to see a movie, attend elementary school, walk to a college class. White gunmen are seen as mentally ill rather than as terrorists. Patriarchy still rules.

In 2015, the collective generational passing down of genomic memory actually does make it my problem that whites enslaved blacks, and that I have a responsibility to work toward the honor and respect and well being for my black neighbors.

In 2015, the church as we know it is morphing and we who love the gospel and don’t want to live in the past must get on board or die out.

Not my usual “you are great” writing. But YOU are great, and so is the next person who reads this, and those who don’t read this, and every person skimming through blogs or the unemployment line or crossing the treacherous desert in search of work to support their families, piano teachers, retirees, social workers, women striving for their place and men at the top. Greatness abounds.

It is time to live it.


Making the change right now,


The Morning’s Metaphor

Hearing yet not hearing.

A coffee order:

Me: Tall, veranda blend, room for cream, 2 pumps of vanilla.

Barista: Do you want room for cream?

Me: Yes.

Barista: I’ll get it ready.

A few moments later I’m handed a cup of Veranda (Yay), tall (Yay), with no room for cream (what?), and no vanilla (boo).

Hearing without hearing.

We hear what we expect to hear.

If we are not paying attention to what is right in front of us, what is being said right in front of us, what is jumping up and down right in front of us….

We will hear without hearing.

And it will be wrong.

Person 1: How are you?

Person 2: I’m exhausted.

Person 1: Oh me too, let me tell you about it.

Hearing with out hearing.

Personal agenda’s overtaking care for one another.

(birth of a new star)

God: Change is coming

People: Oh no, how will the affect me?

God: Change is coming

People: What must we do to preserve the past

Hearing without hearing. Asking the wrong questions. Blocking the request for vanilla and providing what we anticipated hearing…..

even though that was not what was said.


Hear with hearing.

Put the assumptions down.

Pay attention to what is right in front of us.


To your peace and perturbance,