my posture shaped by the chair I sit in

back straight, slightly tilted back

broad enough for my fullness to sit in half lotus

in front of the window

this easter morning

smell of sulphur lingers long after the smoke of a lit match

becomes one with the air

thousands of particles to breath in, land later, to rise to the occasion.

The Sacred breathes in, gathering all of creation

every last atom


And Jesus lives


And we live


I have seen it.





to your rising,


Equinox of a Care

Today we sit midway through movement

equal time of sun and moon, of day and night.

Our lives do not always match the ways of the cosmos,

but the sun’s constant and predictable path offers cosmological metaphor that we can lay over our own issues and concerns, to map out our own shinings.

Close your eyes

…listen to the beat of your heart, match your breath to its rhythm

…breathe in the wisdom of the universe and breathe out through the heart of love.

In your settled state, what concerns rise to your awareness? On their movement from start to conclusion, where do you imagine your sun pauses?

At the equinox of a care, we have entered into it, reacted to it, begun to work solutions, and are sitting at the apex, ready to move toward its final days. Are you waxing toward this moment or waning past it? Is your life aware of the movement?

It is common to be so fogged in by the opening days/weeks/months of a concern (depending on its lifespan) that we don’t recognize when we’ve moved to a new place on the continuum. Each new place requires different attention, different attachment, different response and deliberate action.

The equal mark is a tempting place to be. Balanced. Neither coming nor going. We can see where we’ve been and where we are headed.

We can stay their a long time. To our detriment. A temptation to other forces to come and knock us off our safe perch.

It is a mind game we play with ourselves when we don’t want to be responsible for a situation or its outcome. Especially when it may be a tough outcome. So we wait for something else to ding us, and we can then blame it for any curvature in our process, point fingers at anything that derails the course.

The choice to sit tight can cost us. There are times when sitting tight is about deep breathing and recalibrating for what is to come. When sitting tight is an excuse to not face into the future, we give away the authority over our living.

In Spiritual Direction, we can work in all the spaces. The beginning awareness of an issue, the safe perch, the conclusion. With help, and space to imagine, and a kind yet clear companion, we move at a true pace.

The outcome is then one we lay out, stone by stone, built from the balance of the equinox, tipping ourselves toward forward process.

And that is what we want. To claim the process, shape it, craft it, detail it so that we have a new story to tell. A story of maturity making. A story of courage taking. A story of life creating. Pain, sorrow, discomfort, enlightenment, empowerment become the path.

And we simply….become. Become.

To your story making,



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