A Blessing for Jess

(go like water, come like water)


May you be blessed with

…wonder and wide eyes

…safety and strength

…language and laughter

…and a whole lot more.

May you explore your inner being

…like you’ll explore the jungle, the way your mouth will explore a new language, the way your heart will explore distance and steadfastness.

May you come back unrecognizable…that those of us who love you say “You are so familiar” and then get to set aside our assumptions of the who of you, falling in love again with all of you.

May you face your fears head on, from that place located at your heart’s center where love leads.

Take pictures in your mind that will last a lifetime.

Trust that if changes need to take place, that all is well.

Enter your work as though this is all that matters.

Live knowing what you are doing is important, world changing, life giving.

And may you know that a candle and a prayer will be lifted for you every day, in a corner of a house in Indiana surrounding you with love and trust and faith.


For Jess, heading into two years of Brethren Volunteer Service in Guatemala

One thought on “A Blessing for Jess

  1. I just reread this, and perhaps should have read it more times through before, but I just wanted to say thanks again for such a wonderful blessing. I am incredibly grateful to have you and your family in my life.

    Sending love.

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