Amy’s Autobiography

  • Born the youngest of 3 into a loving household, 4th generation Church of the Brethren: this generational reality steeped me in an ethos of simplicity, local and sustainable living, loving God and neighbor, and four part harmony.Amy in her office
  • Baptized at age 9: This was for me a public affirmation of a reality I had always known…that I had never been separated from the love of God. Decades later, I would ponder the probability that none of us are ever truly separated from the Divine, except by our own perception.
  • Grew up amidst Northern Indiana cornfields and Anabaptists: began to widen my experience at Manchester College and then Bethany Theological Seminary (then located in Oak Brook IL/Chicagoland).
  • Took a year for Brethren Volunteer Service: served the women and children who suffered domestic violence by living in the shelter with them, offering counsel, crisis intervention, and support. I returned to seminary a more empowered woman.
  • Married Kurt, who I had met at seminary. Still happily enjoying his fine company.
  • Spent just over a year in Puerto Rico as a student pastoral intern with Kurt: This was a year blessed with the best coffee in the world, the dearest souls, and pregnancy.
  • back to seminary: we received a call to serve the Florence Church of the Brethren/Mennonite congregation in Michigan. While there I commuted to finish my degree, we had two sons. We spent 12 years in the pastoral role with this lively, thought provoking, service & justice minded church.
  • Became Director of Student Development at Bethany Theological Seminary in 2003. Added Alumni Relations to my title and focus in 2017.
  • Doctor in Ministry degree: after a 4 year process, graduated from Columbia Theological Seminary in May 2012, with an emphasis in Christian Spirituality..
  • Began to offer formal spiritual direction.
  • Certified in Soul ReAlignment, clearly the most action oriented protocol I’ve undertaken, leading to a clearer and more conscious life

All of these life movements were steps toward a deeper knowing of the Creator of All that Is. I have moved through life with a sense of connectedness, and am grateful for it. These bits and pieces are like snapshots that tell “a” story, but certainly not the whole story. They are offered to you, so that you know who listens to you. A woman from the Indiana heartland, raised in spiritual direction roomcongregational life, open to many forms of spiritual expressions, who explores the longevity of relationships. Add in the cosmic pieces and mystery and we are ready to roll.

What these bits and pieces cannot contain are the complex mysteries of the Divine wonder experienced in this life. The touchstones of Sacred Presence through the Bible, traditional spiritual disciplines, prayer, church camps and hymn singing……as well as with nature, angels, Anabaptist simplicity, Quaker silence and the influence of the Holy from around the world and through many cultures. God is everywhere, how could it be otherwise?

For you, I will honor your path and preferences. We will explore together those leadings within you to find the Divine in your own depths and understandings. We will learn to listen to the Sacred tones of the Holy Spirit as she moves in and through your living. I will listen. You will grow. The Holy will lead.