An aching world







where you live

Change can happen.

There must (!) be a weaving of action on the

physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes of our existence.

It is not enough to just pray, it is not enough to just have compassion, it is not enough to know the politics behind a thing, it is not enough to protest…if we do so thinking that one thing can cover it all.

Change can happen…by bringing all the parts together….and some will bring all the parts together within their own selves…..the community¬† is stronger as it acts as a whole. Add your piece….that prayer, that compassion, that knowing, that action…..

(so bring out the banner carriers, the prophets, the mystics, the wisdom sharers, the marchers, the ones who feel the ache of the world in their own bones)

….we trust that another is taking a different step, alongside our steps…..

…all to be tumbled together into a new reality.

This I believe.


(and now I am off to find what is mine to do)