An end of semester prayer for seminarians

(written for the beloved students at Bethany Theological Seminary)

The smell of book bindings and coffee, paper and toner
The sound of keyboard and curses and awakened understanding
The tastes of caffeine, courage and comfort food
The sight of the title page, the completed body, the bibliography
The feel of the bed, a friend’s supportive hug, the contact between finger and mouse as we click “send”

O Moving Holy Teacher,
You move in the keystrokes and printed page, setting our neurons afire with the thrill of learning, of getting it, of being done. You offer a culmination to  weeks of work, distractions, meeting deadlines, as our reward for saying yes to this seminary experience.

We have not done our best this semester: cutting corners when someone needed an ear more than this book needed to be read.
We have not met every due date: when sickness, lethargy, or disappointment in our lack of understanding beset us.

We have done miracles when Hebrew went from lines to words, when Chronicles went from an unknown book to a story of utopia and alternative reality, when we finally learned how to pronounce Simone Weil, when we no longer know the apostle Paul as an enemy.

You were there.

Be here now. In the packing, the leaving, the still too many papers to write, in the summer plans, in the wondering of call.

Breathing in……………..Breathing out…………….

Thank you. Amen.

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