Because it is 2015

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s new prime minister, responded to a reporter’s question “Why have you created a cabinet that is 50% women?”….”Because its 2015.”

Right on.

My own son gave me this correction when I asked if one can smoke in a local diner that he frequents (I don’t smoke, but am on the looking for hipster places to smoke a pipe). “Ma,” he says, “Its 2015.”

Indeed it is.

And in 2015 culture is still fighting for God to be a male because any feminine references for God are somehow beneath and insulting to the Divine.

In 2015 women are still making their way into the work force with unequal pay for equal work, and are grossly under represented on the Supreme Court, in Congress, in the White House, on faculties, in presidential positions, and in the church clergy.

In 2015 we are still concerned about the primacy of Christianity in America rather than doing/living the gospel.

In 2015 we continue with a modern mindset in a postmodern world that allows for a negative group think of us against them and my group is the best group (school, town, race, gender, nationality, etc)  based on nothing more than because I am in that group.

In 2015, husbands can divorce their wives, retain their higher income, not only get new credit cards but can buy land and new things while a newly divorced wife who has worked in the home as the family manager cannot get credit, even to puny department stores like Kohl’s.

In 2015 the culture still think Jesus is white.

In 2015, guns have more rights than people going to see a movie, attend elementary school, walk to a college class. White gunmen are seen as mentally ill rather than as terrorists. Patriarchy still rules.

In 2015, the collective generational passing down of genomic memory actually does make it my problem that whites enslaved blacks, and that I have a responsibility to work toward the honor and respect and well being for my black neighbors.

In 2015, the church as we know it is morphing and we who love the gospel and don’t want to live in the past must get on board or die out.

Not my usual “you are great” writing. But YOU are great, and so is the next person who reads this, and those who don’t read this, and every person skimming through blogs or the unemployment line or crossing the treacherous desert in search of work to support their families, piano teachers, retirees, social workers, women striving for their place and men at the top. Greatness abounds.

It is time to live it.


Making the change right now,