bid you leave




The first thing Mary does after the Angel Gabriel reveals that she will bear a child called Emmanuel,  is to leave her home. She sets out for the home of her kinswoman, and when she arrives Elizabeth and the baby in her womb recognize the Sacred that Mary holds in her body.

Joseph and Mary leave home. They travel awhile to arrive in an inhospitable place. Jesus is born. Heaven and Earth meet.

The shepherds leave their comfortable hillside, arriving to a curiosity of finding.

The astrologers from the east leave the place where they have power and status, to arrive and find exactly what they were looking for, nearly wrecking everything*.

Joseph and Mary and Jesus leave their temporary home, fleeing in haste, to arrive unknown, for an unknown time.



the journey in between

The sacred is carried within our bodies

the sacred is held in our arms

the sacred is waiting.

Home and comfort bid you leave to progress your story and Arrivals curiously anticipate us forward.

God with us. God with you. Emmanuel.




All my love,




Written for a sharing moment at the joint Christmas Eve service of Richmond Church of the Brethren, Clear Creek Friends Meeting, First Friends Meeting, West Richmond Friends Meeting.

*nearly wrecking everything comes from Song of a Tiny Babe, by Bruce Cockburn

images from, thanks to the photographers


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