Children and Discernment

Today, the congregation I attend has a meeting. Decisions need to be made. But they are discernment decisions not what color should the carpet be decisions.

I get to provide the children’s moment during the worship service which comes before the “meeting”. How do I introduce the idea of discernment to children?

It is all planned, I know what I’m going to say. We’re going to ask the people in the congregation how they spiritually prepared for today’s meeting. We won’t put anyone on the spot, but we’ll glean all the ways ….the different ways….that people have prepared.

Take my own discernment for today. 2 things have come clear to me. I am to remain primarily silent and to listen should God want to speak through me. This I will do. But I’ve also been praying for Pastor Matt and our Leadership Team Chair Todd. That was how I was led to prep and what came out of my prep.

So, I think ultimately I’m doing a children’s sermon for the adults.

Because the kids already get it. They are already plugged into desire and goodness, fear and honest responses. They will hide behind a grandmother’s skirt (literally!), they will shout out ideas with courage, they will show their fear, their joy, their confusion.

They just will.

They won’t cover it up.

They are closer to God than all of us pious adults who are secretly praying for THIS outcome while seeking God’s will. But we won’t be honest about it.

Let it go, people.

Let it go.

Let our fears be released, our agenda’s crumpled and tossed into the wood stove, our love of status combined with the corn and turned into food for another life.

We only need to be where God would have us be.

And if we didn’t pay attention before as God led us? God will create a new opportunity. That is repentance. That is turning. And we humans…we adult humans….need to turn again and again and again. There is no loss of face in this. There is no shame in this. There is only God in the turning and choosing and following and redeeming.

So….chooose boldly. Choose honestly. The Sacred will weave windows, will design doors, will plant paths if we should go astray.