Lao Tze is held as the founder of Taoism, the author of the Tao Te Ching. He is read widely for his philosophy and poetry.

This morning, it was postulated

over coffee, tea, and pumpkin muffins

that there are those who believe Lao Tze was not a singular man

but a collective of philosophers and poets

who over time created the wisdom of the Tao Te Ching.


that they were women.

mind blown.

I often turn to the wisdom of the tao, to find my place in the universe and in my own life. It is a wisdom that takes me seriously but lets me know that there are more wondrous things happening connecting synchronizing out there…..out there.

I love love love


the idea of collective wisdom, collecting from many voices and places

coming together into a place a writing a being.

In this case, if this theory is correct, it is likely that the women were not allowed to write or be known or take credit. Yes, it is a patriarchal crime….and we’ll put that aside for now for another blog….

because I want to focus on the collective in your own life.

Yesterday afternoon

I heard a report that started out with a reading from the New Testament epistle to Timothy…the reader gave it a tone like we had just gathered around the dining room table to hear from a beloved uncle. And we heard this “….I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that lived first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure, lives in you.” (II Timothy 1:5)

The collective

generational wisdom that lives in our mothers and grandmothers passed down to daughters and sons

gathering deepening empowering the wisdom as it grows and expands in each new person.

Who is part of your collective? Whose collective are you a part of? Who quotes you? Who do you quote? If you kept a journal of wise things that were spoken by wise people, what would be in that notebook


What book of knowing are you authoring?

We are each others holy texts. Each others Lao Tze.

The Sacred was/is before any language or writing. We tend to prize the written word as though it has been the only way to know God. But we are wrong.

We each bear the imprint of the Sacred upon us and within us. It is known by others by our body language, our sighs, our innards, our intuition, interactions, tears, aches, laughs, laments, screams, wide eyed wonder.

It is all there within us. Hmmm, in some ways, we are our own collective. The whole universe in our own beings, like galaxies and star systems of cosmic grandeur.

I know this to be true. For we see God in you when we listen, when we wait with you, when we look upon you with eyes seeking to see the potential that hovers just underneath your skin with leviathan waves bringing the deep to the surface.

The collective in me honors the collective in you, as the Creator of All Things lives and moves and gives our beings a saving grace.