EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

Fee: same rates as spiritual direction

There are a number of people who have been opened and released from crippling fears, anxieties, fears through a very simple process of tapping. Research for yourself the benefits and process of doing EFT for more information. I do not charge a separate fee for bringing this practice into your session.

What I do offer you, is the safe space to release and dissipate pent up emotions, fears, phobias, anxieties. At times, we need someone close by as we simply face the fact that we have something controlling our health. Other times, when release comes, it might break open a flood of emotions and memories that need cared for. And at times, when the release comes, there is simply the astounding joy that we need to share with someone in that moment.

EFT (tapping) is a process that uses the meridian points from acupuncture, where our bodies store our hurts, fears, repressed emotions, memories of trauma. Our bodies are story tellers. Every ache, pain, twinge, hunger tells us something to know about ourselves. There is no differentiating between our Minds/Bodies/Spirits. They act as one because they are one. What is your body telling you?

If during a tapping session, I recognize that the trauma which has been unleashed needs specialized care from a therapist or counselor, I will caringly refer you to a professional. There are wonderfully compassionate and professional counselors in Richmond Indiana, or wherever you live. What you need to face, will be faced with someone expertly trained for your situation.

But mostly, we would be surprised at the various little parasitic fears that we carry on our backs (so to speak) that just need some simple ridding of. This, we can do together. The process is simple.

How do I use it? Well, as crazy as it sounds, I find that I have difficulty making phone calls. Who knows why, I certainly don’t. So, I’ll tap it out. And then I make my phone calls. At other times, I face panic attacks. I tap them out. Yet other times, I’m angry beyond reason, so I release the intensity through tapping until my reasonable mind can engage again.

EFT and tapping do not make situations go away. The process releases the emotions which paralyze us from living and facing life. Life is hard! We’ve experienced things which make us shy and retreat. We have lived through trauma that comes from being a vulnerable child in a cruel world. Things stick to us like glue, in our bodies.

I am happy to release these with you, to reduce your fears, to let go of anxieties. Why? Because you have a vibrant life to live. You deserve it.

EFT does not require any certification in order to help others. You can do EFT without the presence of another. But life is not meant to be lived and healed alone. You don’t have to be alone.

Ask me about this when we are in session together. I’ll demonstrate. It might make us laugh together. Laughter is a lightening way to face what troubles us. You are free to add this to your toolbox of resilience if you wish.