Finally, to sit in front of the fire

My heart has been sitting beside many fires of late:

OneĀ  son’s travels

Another son’s post-fall semester renewal

The quiet warming spirit of a dear house guest

The soul connecting thrill of conversations with another house guest

Along with the dogs, Kurt, my laptop, the bed warmth, and many books.

The winter has swarmed in on frigid wings, buzzing with breath clouds if you dare to go outside. At night. we huddle under layers, exposing only the tips of our noses, only willing to seek warmth from blankets, each other and the dog.

The winter is here for a while, amidst human complaints of the disruption of our comfort and ease. The winter is here amidst snow conditions that force us to finally just sit in front of the fire and muse.

The real fire, the glowing heat that turns an outrageously heavy hunk of black metal into Mother’s Lap. The orange glow of coals that alert us to the next fire to be built. The knowledge that the only thing to do is sit. And we sit close to one another, drinking in the personal comments of one another, baking to our bones with the thoughts of one another. So close. legs over legs. toes tucked under thighs, dogs heaving sighs, books bringing stability to new thoughts and to tea cups.


The swirling barometric pulsing change of so many people in the house gives way to the two hearts entwined in long standing knowing, beside two more hearts of the animal kingdom that only know the bliss of frolic, food, and a few zzzzzzz’s.

Yet one boy remains home

Another beloved house guest will come

Travelers will hold our hearts suspended in our worried but hopeful care


Find your fires.

Find your warmth, the dog at your feet.

Find that place where you must entangle with another, breathing same air, same thoughts, same rest.

Find your fires….

…that warm the body…that warm your soul…that thaw out the fears and forgiveness…that loosens limbs and lies..that make us human.


May your musings be warm,

Amy (and Merlin)

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