Going Deeper


Kurt has been talking about putting in a geothermal pump for our heating/cooling needs. Great! I say. Exciting! I say. Who is going to dig the holes? I ask.

He will.

(I think this is Kurt’s image of his digging enterprise)

Ok. Now, I grew up on PBS Educational Rock and learned that you don’t dig without knowing what you might dig into: gas line, electrical line, unexpected lines. But he believes he knows where things run on our property.

My husband is wise, and most certainly able. I never doubt this. But I can’t help think about our own efforts at putting in new ways of being into the property of our soul (Yes, I’m going to push this metaphor).

We all have connections to our highest self. That part of us that is untampered and untouched by human ego, human living, human aches and griefs. That part of us…each of us…that feels the “yes”, hears the voice, senses the way. And when we bump into it…either accidentally or in a purposeful way, we suddenly want to dig up the back yard and install a geothermal heat pump.

I mean, we suddenly want to CHANGE, and change now.


Apparently I am talking about it really loud. It is the place for going deep, for listening deep, for sending down the proving rod that detects what lies below the surface that might explode in our faces. Unlike the back yard and utility lines, we want those explosions….that relief…a certain release…letting go.

It might leave you exhausted, spent, rolled up in a ball. It might leave you freer than every before.

Let’s do this together. Have a witness. Someone who wants to hear it all as it becomes exposed, as it becomes uncovered. Have a witness. Someone who walks right into it with you without fear, or judgement, or disbelief.

There is only room for love in this process.

A soul coach or a spiritual director is a lifeline, a digging guide, a shared shovel, a witness to YOU.

What are you waiting for?

Peace & Get Going,



2 thoughts on “Going Deeper

  1. Cythnia Bourgealt speaks of Divine Alchemy. I hear that in these words Amy.

    “As we learn not to harden and brace even in the face of what appears to be ultimate darkness, but let all things flow in the great river of kenosis and perichoresis, we come to know – and finally become – the river itself, which circulates through all things a hidden dynamism of love. ” The Wisdom Jesus (74)

  2. Thomas,
    Beautiful quote. I don’t always understand the meaning of perichoresis….but I do lean into Kenosis…an emptying out that is not negation but integration. I was pondering again at how humanity is part of nature, not separate from it, and when there is an imbalance in that grand organism of nature, it seeks to heal itself. We are part of that “itself”. I both willingly empty out my sense of individuality in order “become the river itself” while also knowing that my own eddies and currents mark the grand all-encompassing Love. Which is God. It is the individual eddies and currents that we seek to note in spiritual direction, so that we can find ourselves in the Divine movement of our lives. 🙂

    Let’s grab a cuppa soon!

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