Like a quiz can tell you who you are

It is amazing how many quizes are out there to tell you who you are. Lots of somebodies have jumped on the creation end of these and I wonder what they get from our deep desire to know ourselves?

Who. Am. I.

It is a fundamental question which seemingly needs answered from without,

through another pair of eyes that SEE us,

a defining connection that gives us hints and clues as to what lurks within our deeper regions of              mind/body/being.

Or so we think. “I look outside myself for self affirmation of who I am.” Seems backwards.

Sure, it is fun to get Leonard from Big Bang Quiz, or Mechtilde from Christian Mystic Quiz, or strawberry from the Fruit Quiz (really?), or Lincoln MKZ from the Car Quiz….of who am I.

Let me help.



Ask yourself why you take these quizes. Ask yourself if you feel known when the answer comes up and you share it. Ask yourself why don’t you know yourself.

There are real ways to know yourself.

There are methods and modalities which bring you to actual contact with your truest self, your own knowing, with the YOU that was created in the very beginning.

Spiritual Direction: it takes a while. Like, a long while. It takes a few months just to get into shared energy space with the director so that she knows how to unlock yourself to yourself.

Coaching: perhaps. Get a good one. Not one who is going to coach you into a way that is not you, but a coach who is going to explore YOUR universe within and send THAT charging into the world.

Soul Realignment: a modality that requires you to suspend your 3D mind and allow the process of prayer and dimensions to unveil your blocks and restrictions. Pretty powerful.

Gilmore-Fraliegh Style Profile or Myers-Briggs, or the Enneagram……….quizes indeed, but built on substance and timeless in accuracy.

Tapping: a favorite for being free and self work. Tap your own meridian points in a certain pattern and you release fear, anxiety, uncertainty, anger… that you can move on with life.

Get it?

No quick quiz will ever tell you who you are. It will only redefine you so that you feel the need to fit in that box.

Find your own box. In fact, as Anna Quinlan says (paraphrase) “…squash the box, flatten it, send it to the recyclers.”

Yes, get rid of the box that anyone hands you if the insides are not your insides. Instead, Grab a platter, perhaps made of gold or carved teak. Or a basket woven with river reeds, or a paper box folded from old maps, or a mug or tea cup or two hands cupped together.

Be your own container for the YOU that is inside of you.

You are worth knowing.



Already listening….


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