Making it Real

What are your mantras today?

Do you still believe your hopes?

Hopes…things we were so positive about……spiritual insight…..intuition….. that didn’t pan out……Where does it leave us?

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Ground the spiritual into the physical.


When your hopes are for a partner, and you know all the qualities you require….

get out and meet people by offering those same qualities and the depth of yourself,  ground the hope in the physicality of you out there connecting

When your spiritual guides lead you to believe that abundance is around the corner….

collect your resources with respect, take that job, build that business, ground the guidance in the physicality of like action

When you want to lose weight but you eat for emotional reasons……

grab that bag of cheetos and take it for a long hard walk, ground your comfort in the physicality of your muscles

When you feel like a failure, a fraud, an unknown……

state “I AM” over and over and over until you can finish the sentence “I AM….(whatever positive thing you are)…… !”, ground your shifting beliefs in the physicality of your voice


We do it everyday, this turning the spiritual realm of hope and belief into the physical. Mostly it is in ways we don’t want.

We believe that we are alone,

so we offer only our most superficial self to people we know

We believe that we’ll never be loved

so we choose actions that keep people away

We believe that nothing we do really matters

so we make sure that it doesnt

We hope for a better life

while remaining in the negative patterns of our current life






And then find its physical equivalent,

its here-and-now sister,

its this-world cousin.

Make it real right where you live.


Let’s talk. I’m already listening…..