Move ahead…into the fog

This week, so say the astrologers, is a week of forward movement, fired up engines, readiness……all taking place within a Piscean/Neptunian fogbank.

I was raised in Northern Indiana and in the years I was newly driving and in High School, I plunged into a lot of literal fogbanks on my way to school. I sang in the show choir which met at 7:20am. Many were the mornings where I could not see any further than where the headlights landed on the pavement in front of the 1971 Ford LTD I drove. But I had to get to choir and I knew those roads blindfolded, and the regular travelers at that time of the creeping dawn were few and far between. There was little fear in how we got to school on those days, and a lot of tingling excitement.

There is something to plunging into the unknown. Adolescence gives us the courage to plunge with an assumption that all will be well, and if it doesn’t go well it will be some great drama. We don’t consider the flip side. Which is good. We would never make it into our creative adulthoods if our teen years were spent with caution instead of living.

Now is that time for you. Now. You have been readying your soul for these days. If you have not, then that readying IS the plunge. Its all mystery and unknown. Wisdom can replace caution, courage can offer the momentum.  Find your priest, your pastor, your spiritual director, your guide, yourself and get going. What are you waiting for?

Really, what are you waiting for? What have you waited for? What has held you back? Do you want to be held back? Ask yourself.

What have your dreams been showing you these nights? Mine have been filled with roadways both expansive and urban, vast stretches of macadam with no stop signs…..and motion motion motion. I’m on the go all night long going somewhere. I can be an over thinker of symbol and meaning and I’ve decided to just sit in the back seat to these dreams for it is enough to know that I am in motion and moving and going and that there are no stop signs.

Have I been working on inner growth? Of course. Do I know where I’m headed? I do not. I hold ideal images of self, life, purpose, way of being……and I know these are important aspects to this motion, but honestly, the Sacred Source always delivers bigger and in brighter colors than even I could imagine. I imagine beaming light and love outward into this world…..and one day I’ll have an arrival and it will be profound. All arrivals are profound. But this one for me, it has the taste of a wedding day, or the birth of a child, or writing the last mortgage or school loan payment……it will be big and full of color. And it will be for the benefit of God, Neighbor, and my Self.

Wishful thinking? You bet! Why would I dream of shadowed vagueness? Why would you?

Peace for this day,


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