O God who spills forward

O God who fills our hearts

with unexpected love for another

that spills down our faces

warm and salty

and we don’t know why

because we don’t know them.

They are not kin

or kid or lover or friend.

They are not in our care

or on our beneficiary list

or who we think of when we reach for the Nutella at the grocery.


O God who spills forward

awash with plump flesh

that smells like soap and dough

with a hint of chili,

wrangle us next to your face

where we hear the breath of you moving in and out

where the ripple of your Holy skin no longer has a boundary

of yours and mine.

Where we have become one.


O God of the Oneing,

push us into the paths of others


where stranger becomes friend

immigrant becomes neighbor

the gospel becomes a way of life.


Peace and Welcome,




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