O Grief, O murky presence

O Grief

O murky presence

making liars of us with every

“I’m just fine”.

O Impending Loss,

plunging hearts already on the brink

into a dark abyss of waiting

for the otherside.

O Memory,

of goodness and loyalty

of hard work and positivity…..

we sit and wait

as tears accumulate

while we know not what to do.


~ a prayer at the near end of a friend’s life





3 thoughts on “O Grief, O murky presence

  1. Amy, thank you for sharing this. I hear your sadness and I am sorry.

    It reads like a modern day lament. Can I borrow it in my chaplaincy work? Of course giving you credit in conversation and in writing.

    Peace and love to you.



  2. Dear, dear Amy- I want to retract my request to use this poem. As I awoke this morning thinking about, I feel it was an insensitive question at this moment in tine, while you are still grieving so.

    That said-please let this question be.

    I feel blessed and lucky to have had you in my life for the short time that I did. I am grateful to still be able to hear your words in this way.

    Blessings and peace my friend!

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