When my husband, Kurt, and I lived in Puerto Rico, we lived under palms. On our day off, we drove to a north western beach, and baked bread in sand holes under the palms, received coconuts directly from the palms, built little fires out of dried palms, and marveled at the instantaneous sense of relaxation that just the site of palms can bring.

Two thousand years ago (more or less), Jesus was ushered into Jerusalem with palms. Palms waiving, Palms carpeting, Palms as flags of praise and honor. It is Palm Sunday, today, for the church. The start of Holy Week. The entrance into Christ’s Passion. A week of bitter betrayal, loss, death, and resurrection.

I love Holy Week. It encapsulates the whole of the human experience. We are not often allowed to connect with Christ’s passion as a way to say our own story. We are to connect with Christ’s passion in order to be grateful for salvific event which could only happen with this godman come to earth to die for our sins.

I’m not going to argue or semaniticize this theological point today. I want to get back to you.

Each one of us has walked our own via dolorosa. Our own way of pain. We each have felt the sting of betrayal, the heart wrench of being alone when we thought someone was with us.

We all, at one time or another, have:

~not been known

~not been heard

~not been understood

and we’ve risked losing our whole selves as we choose aquiescence or self proclamation of WHO WE ARE.

When did you experience having someone else tell you who you are….who you will be…..what is best for you? Sit with that a moment. Remember the conversation, the feeling in your gut, the feel of your face, the steel in your spine or the bend of your body as you faced down misinformation.

William Stafford, poet, reminds us that “Awake people must be awake”. We must be awake to ourselves so that the only source determining our next steps, our own triumphal entries, is Love. Jesus said it best: “Love the lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your might, and love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

Be awake to yourself so that you will be awake to the movement of the Sacred within you. Thats when things happen. That is the point of departure from being waived in with palms by a fickle crowd who only want you this way and when you become that way they leave you to turn you over.

Wave your own palm branch…the one God has given you and only to you…..and proclaim your SELF to the world, that you may do the work that wsa given to you to do on behalf of the world.

Please pray with me:

O Jesus, so brave and courageous and all knowing. There was not one

leaf raised to your coming, upon which you did not read the coming end.

Set within us, a holy path, a lighted walk, a love-founded rhythm

for our steps in this world.

Blessed is the one who comes in the name of Love!


Peace on this glorious day,


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