Perimenopause is the beginning of wisdom.

The hushed experience of this life movement has fooled us into thinking that women are


dried up




Not so.

Sure, we are experiencing the end to our physical fertility and ability to bear children.

But we are entering a time of great spiritual fertility. Wisdom fertility.

Men chase the stiff wand of self importance into their 90s. Because we have gulped down the cultural pill that equates great life as the male hard on in need of a receptacle (or at least a tire swing?) , we have believed that our crone-hood leaves us stooped and irrelevant.  Women have been done a disservice by cultures that prize the progeny.


Women, let us not be silent. Let us let our knowing ways bloom for the world to see… set up Sister Circles, and share what we know…Invite the men.

Women of my mom’s age….what do you know that you are not speaking? What have you suspected but were too thrown by the lies to believe?

What we know is how to give birth to wisdom.

Wisdom from living through death, depression, bad grades, bad boyfriends, lost love, stale marriages, promotions, new businesses, poetry, music, mathematical calculations that saved an organization, listening hearts that brought out the souls of institutions.

After our physical eggs have gone to heaven, our wisdom eyes are brightened. After our desire to have frequent sex is gone and it doesn’t even matter to us, our desire for meeting spirit through orgasm increases and we find that we are at the top of our sexual game. OMG~did you even know that? Even if we find ourselves without partners, it is important to know what we are capable of. (and some would ask, why do we need partners?)

When women move into their Wisdom years, when the body says “we’re done down here” from a cultural standpoint, our spirits come to life in new and boldly vibrant ways.

We pulse with life that is LIFE. Life that births the progeny of universal expansion. We are no longer to be tricked, fooled, robbed of the fullness of the female experience.

There is a pace and process to this female way.

Maiden ~ Woman ~ Wisdom

Move through the stages with ownership. With your dreams alive, bodies open, growth purposeful, authority claimed, and you’ll know when you’ve reached each shift. I don’t believe we ever let go of the best of each way. We carry what we know forth into the next way….. maturing and making us so we are free to move to the wisdom phase which incorporates all of the good from all of the living.


Good, from all the living.

The last two images are of Gloria Steinem, and Mary Oliver. Other images are from google images.