Integration through Soul Coaching

Please contact Amy for further understanding of this service.

These services are awakening, cosmic, and somewhat mind-bending. They are also illuminating and practical for the life you are living. Your work with these tools will change your life, re-orienting you to your soul’s origination, throwing life’s negative baggage off your forward moving train. When we are in alignment, we will feel old patterns and behaviors shift and dissipate, making room for something Sacred to be revealed.

  • It is a way in to the parts of you that you already know are there, but are like hints or whispers and you don’t quite know how to access.
  • It is unbelievable work, dipping into the mystery of the universe.
  • I do this work on a grand scale to heal the world, and on YOUR scale to assist in the discovery of how you are on this earth to be. Being is everything.
  • Together we will explore the key and essential pieces of you to build upon and envision through. When in alignment, so much can take place. Be ready for change.

Unbundled Services:

  • Soul ReAlignment reading; $150
    • foundational reading that is stand alone for a one-time session, or that can be used in an ongoing way with spiritual direction
  • NEW! Relationship Reading; $150
    • for couples who are currently in a relationship desiring to remove past blocks and restrictions or to gain karmic understanding into current patterns and behaviors that support or sabotage the relationship
  • Life Situation reading: $75
    • this reading is for a specific situation that seems stuck or cannot find the root in order to be cleared
    • requires the foundational Soul ReAlignment reading
  • Spirit Guide reading: $75
    • this reading is a way to become acquainted with our inner circle guides…it is always exciting as we connect across the dimensions
  • Property clearing: $30 per property first time, $15 for subsequent readings
    • our homes, cars, offices and other spaces that we are in charge of, carry the energy of people who move through our spaces or that is hanging around from the history of the place
    • this is done from a distance and has immediate results

Bundled Services:

  • SoulĀ  Integration Coaching: COMING AUGUST 2017

    • Intense, in-depth, actionable. A year long multi-modality program to get to the core of who you are and your way in this world. Are you ready to create your unique and intentional life? I offer this service for those who are intent upon aligning with their soul’s original creation.
  • Relationship Realignment: $1500
    • This is a profound and intense exploration into your key relationships: lovers, partners, parent to child, sibling to sibling.
    • This builds on the Relationship Reading
    • We utilize an 8 session approach that uses 3 tools for personal knowing, and direct application of that information in dynamic sessions.

Scholarships available.

Contact Amy via this website where you can find a link to her online scheduling service. Texts and emails are the best form of communication with Amy. No phone calls. Thanks.

  • Text: 765-967-0657
  • Email:
  • Info needed: current name, full name at birth, birth date, city and state of birth