Thank you, John Boehner

Thank you John Boehner, Speaker of the House.

You have given all of us, this day, a crystal clear model of how to build and secure a legacy. You’ve waged war on your own political career. You’ve halted progress. Bravo.

You were the leader put into place to lead. You have followed and then used your power to halt progress.

And we will remember you for this.

Friends, amidst the flurry of “F U”s flinging across the facebookscape, I invite you to pause and thank John Boenhner for this moment to reflect on building and securing your own legacy.

This is more than pondering your eulogy and what you hope that the folks who come emotionally up to the microphones to share, might say.

this is about how you are living now, that will affect and impact what your life looks like 3 years from now….30 years from now.

Stop for a moment, and consider your mood when you walked to work, went to class, got up to take care of the kids.

Consider the clothing you chose to wear, the reaction to the traffic, the first words out of your mouth around colleagues. What will be seen and assumed?

You are building and securing your legacy. What will it be?

Me? I’m dreaming Large these days. Imagining wisdom and insight and inner calm that can roll through any wave. imagining a body that will take me into my 80s with vim and vigor. I am counting on a lasting love affair into my 90s. Is that the legacy I am actually building and securing? This morning, yes. Tomorrow? I hope, it hasn’t arrived yet. But today, yes.

How can I help you build? How can I bear witness to your legacy and your realized potential? I do believe in you. Let’s go.

So, thank YOU, dear reader, for unplugging your own halts to progress, whatever they may be.

Thank YOU, dear reader, for imagining solutions rather than voicing contempt.

Changing, right alongside you,


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