The Dual Core

It always feels good to begin something new, at a new beginning.

The year, the week, a job, a car.

Each time our family has upgraded a car (from VW Rabbits built in the 80s, to an ’89 toyota that we still drive, to various VW jettas, and currently a VW Beetle of 13 years) I’ve declared “We are NOT going to eat in this car.” It takes so little time before the crumbs are between the seats, there are coffee stains in the cup holders and Starbuck’s sleeves on the floor. And my youngest son just shakes his head slowly at me, saying “It happens every time.”

The hope of newness lasts only as long as I can keep the desire of old habits and patterns at bay.

I am currently on a deep and swift time of action, of newness, with a hope not of just changing the landscape of desire but to build an entirely new lexicon of patterns and habits. Because it is time to fly.

Time to fly into the core of my being. Here are some of the ideas I’m letting sink in:

  • healing myself can heal my children because of the strong bond between parent and child
  • I can change patterns that served me at one time but are now irrelevent
  • there are resources as numerous as the stars to see deeply in and know the inner core of myself
  • there is a tender balance between narcissism and self discovery, and we need partners to keep us in balance and hold us accountable or we do no one any favors
  • it is ok to receive

This is just my personal pearl list. Each day it is growing as I allow an openness to all the teachers who move in and out of my life.

So how will I keep the crumbs out from between my car seats?

I hardly even know. Except to allow the changes that are taking place INSIDE to also take place OUTSIDE. We all live with a dual reality and we an affect one but if we do not also affect the other the change will be limited and shorter lived. But….

if we honor the dual core system of our beings, the inner and outer, so above as below, the divine and the human, the sacred and secular……we are likely to not just change, but shed….shed in a way that we discover the YOU and the ME that has always been, always is, and is yearning to see the light of our face. And we do this for ourselves and one another. You know how it feels to be in the presence of one who lets love flow, leans toward compassion rather than judgement, seeks the well being of the other at the same time they are seeking their own well being. It feels good. I want to be that person. I want YOU to be that person. Spread the love change the world.

Oh God of ancient song and street beat of Skryllex,

it is your heart rhythm that I seek for calibration, reconfiguring, to be busted wide open.

It is your sacred story that is written upon the soft human warmth of my soul. Bring your light! Shine within! Illuminate through my skin and bone until my insides and my outsides are one. Amen.




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