This way or that

A road converged (or split, depending on whether you are coming or going), blinkers indicating one way then the next, then none.

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How to know

How can we possibly know

what lies ahead?

Turn the motor off. And listen. Wait in an imaginative cloud of possibilities.

The comfort of the now is like the scent of a childhood teddy bear, bare and worn holding all the stories from before of scrapes and getting better.

Have you ever lost car power on the side of the road? That sinking feeling of abandonment and failure taking over, then the one by one listing of what is working and what is not working taking over. Then a new direction taking over. Then a call to a tow, or the police, or a friend to come for the next.

That ditch or crossroads or parking space

gives us the intention of the pause

before going forward

once again.



To Your Path.


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