Visualize your life

What will it take to change?

Sometimes, just a dream. But not a dream with limits….because it is a dream and you can do anything in a dream.

What would you look like?

What would you be like?

What would you talk like?

What would you love like?

Enter into your dreams with wild abandon. Mahmoud Darwish says “Besiege your siege with madness.”*** Indeed. Besiege your siege with madness. Dream your dream with no limitations. Open wide your capacity to love, to apologize, to ask for forgiveness, to say thank you. Bust down the gates so you can forgive.

And then dream.

You have to see it. You have to feel it. Leave your thinking cap in another room and just imagine. Bring the image but no words. Bring the colors, but no rationale. Bring the FEELINGS but not the judgements. Just go. Dream.

And change your life. Your life is now. It is today.  It is generous and ridiculous.

Dream to get it started, and then trust that something, somewhere, can actualize it even better. Smile and dream. Feel and dream. Imagine and make it happen.

Besiege your siege with madness!

So many will think you mad, ore careless, or self centered. But what this world needs is your best YOU, your fullest YOU, your most courageous YOU.

Imagine if we all lived out of our best….how this would spill over onto the next person because it can’t help it. They will feel your best and dream their best. We will lay down arms, we will move through life with hope, we will lead with purpose rather than reaction or worse! a dull hopeless acceptance.

See it. See it big. Grab and go. Leap and love. Dream and do.

This is the word for the day.



***from a documentary “Encounter Point”

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