What flows from you?

If you were to be a flowing channel of something, what would it be? If what came from you would fill your whole home, city, state, waterways, country, ocean, globe…..what would you have that something be?

We are connected to energy in the creative sphere of space and time. Right now, stretch your nondominant hand up above your head….as far up as you can reach. The stretch will feel good….(you’re welcome)….. I imagine a band of electrically charged movement. Blues, silvers, whites, streaks, ribbons, bursts, waves…..moving moving moving…..and this is universal energy to tap into. The collective unconscious. The shared experience. Sacred Space. It is where synchronicity is born, where connections are made, where books are written, where dreams are formed. We can stretch and dip into this space. I stretch and wiggle my fingers into it. I pull threads of creative joy down into my life.

And I imagine a flow of love and calm moving into me, filling me, overflowing from me into my whole home, my city, my state, my waterways, my country, our oceans, our globe. I do not generate this love on my own, I’m just reaching into the ribbon of charged energy above my head, as though the veils of dimensions part allowing me into a secret……and it flows down and through and outward.

What is the essence, YOUR ESSENCE, which you would have flowing from you into this world?


God of the jubilant spheres,

vibrating with a humming buzz

meet our fingertips when we dare to

stretch into your presence.

We would be your bodies in this world.

We would be your love in this world.

Open to us

Charge us with bursts of Light.






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